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  • 4-12-21 @ 12.45 Province Pairs Competition
  • 9-1-22 @ 14.30 Province Knockout round 1a
  • 30-1-22 @ 16.45 Province Knockout round 1b
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  • 4-3-22 @ 12.15 Province Bonspiel

Monday, 12 December 2016

E.L. Pairs Competition

Frank Ross & Katherine Golding
Congratulations to Frank Ross and Katherine Golding, representing Athelstaneford.  This makes three wins for Athelstaneford in the  'Nicoll Trophy'.  In this instance they beat Haddington's Shelagh Main and Lindsey Nicoll by a score of 5 - 1  (which I am advised was not representative of the game, but I await an eyewitness report)
It should be noted that three of the four finalists were ladies, so congratulations girls.

The Low Road was won by Callum Harvey and Graham Elder, for Dirleton.  They won the 'Doo'cot' Trophy with a score of  4 - 1 against Yester

The full results were:-

Murrayfield Proposals - Launch

Below are the current proposals from our curling rink and an invitation to the official launch

Monday, 5 December 2016

A Load of Bull - Presidential Postcscript

Well done to all the curlers who so impressively brought home the Black Bull to East Lothian Province!
I was delighted to receive the news of your outstanding victory on my way home from Stranraer (where we weren’t quite as successful!).  Many thanks for representing the Province so well, I’m grateful for all your efforts to be making my first (proper) year as president so fruitful.
I hope you all enjoyed the event and will be willing to help represent East Lothian again in the future.
Many thanks again and congratulations from one very chuffed president!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

A Load of Bull

Skips Johnny, Morgan and The Black Bull
Well done to the combined might of Team Shedden and Team Nicoll who both put in good performances in the Edinburgh Area Bonspiel (formerly the Area 5 Bonspiel).  Johnny, assisted by Ken (Chanty Star) Burchell, Paul Neison and John Trotter, blitzed their first game and played solidly in their other two games to come out +11 shots and the best team of the afternoon.  Meanwhile Morgan, with Graeme Maguire, Alex King and Cathy MacLean and John Trotter had a similarly consistent day to with  +3 Shots to finish in joint third place.
Overall, East Lothian came out the clear winners on +14.  Our nearest rivals, The RCCC, came second on +3.
Prior to a very enjoyable supper The Black Bull was presented to our team leaders.