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  • 4-12-21 @ 12.45 Province Pairs Competition
  • 9-1-22 @ 14.30 Province Knockout round 1a
  • 30-1-22 @ 16.45 Province Knockout round 1b
  • 13-2-22 @ 14.30 Province Knockout Semi-Final
  • 13-2-22 @ 16.45 Province Knockout Final
  • 4-3-22 @ 12.15 Province Bonspiel

Saturday, 18 May 2019

AGM Details

The Annual General Meeting of the East Lothian Province will be held at Athelstaneford Mains on Wednesday 22 May 2019 at 7.30 pm .
Each Club may be represented by up to two of its members, but not more than one of these may vote on any matter.


1 Apologies for Absence

2 Matters Arising from minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 23 May 2018

3 President’s Annual Report 2018-19
4 Financial Report 2018-19
To receive and approve the Financial Report 2018-19

5 Affiliation Fees Payable by Member Clubs

6 Appointment of Office Bearers 2019-20
The President, Ian Donald and Vice President Walter Scott have both served one year of their two year appointment.

Appointment of President: n/a

Appointment of Vice-President: n/a

Appointment of Treasurer: n/a

Appointment of Secretary:
Elinor has served both years of her two year appointment and is not standing for re-election. Proposer : Seconder:

Website Administrator:

Independent Financial Examiner:


7 Edinburgh Area Report
Edinburgh Area Representative: Calder Benzies
Appoint two representatives to this Committee - normally President and Secretary.

Edinburgh Curling Club Report
AGM – Thursday 5 September, 7.30pm in the Clubrooms

RCCC Report

8 Province Competitions 2019-20

Ice Allocation for next season.
1) Knockout Competition 2 sheets, 2 sheets, 2 sheets for semis & 1 sheet for final
2) Bonspiel 6 sheets
3) Pairs 4 sheets, followed by 1 sheet
4) Doubles discuss format

9 Inter-Province Competitions 2019-20

1) National Province Championship - Qualifying Team and Reserve Team:
East Linton won the knockout this year, so will represent the Province at Greenacres. Do any other clubs wish to enter?

2) Border Challenge at Kelso:
East Lothian hosted this year therefore Borders to host in 2019-20.

3) Waldie-Griffith:
Entry to be made when RCCC application form available.

10 East Lothian Curling Archives: Report by David Affleck.

11 Any other competent business:

Adoption of East Lothian Province Competition Rules – to be reviewed annually

12 Next Meeting – Thursday 24 October at 7.30pm