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Area 5 Bonspiel 2014 – results & report

At Murrayfield Curling Rink on Friday 5 December 2015 our three Provinces, Peeblesshire, Midlothian and East Lothian each had two teams competing along with two Royal Caledonian Curling Club teams for the Black Bull Trophy. This model of an Aberdeen Angus bull was presented in 1976 by Major ARM ‘Sandy’ Dunlop, one time President of Edinburgh Curling Club and hotelier.
Before yesterday’s bonspiel, the list of winners had Midlothian’s name on it sixteen times, Peebles twice, The Royal Club nine and East Lothian – last year’s winners – 11 times.
All eight teams completed the twelve ends scheduled, as well as the stacked-brooms time half-way through. With ‘shots up’ the aim of the game , some teams distinguished themselves, not least the Peeblesshire team skipped by John Dykes, who took a six in the first end of their game against a Royal Club team. The Peebles 2 team took a four from East Lothian 1 in the first end of their game, and East Lothian 2 with Dan Arrondale skipping took a four early in the day on their way to accumulating 13 shots at the final bell.
After all cards had been returned and checked, the Shots Up scores were:
The Royal Club        – 2
East Lothian            – 2
Midlothian               + 2
Peeblesshire            0
Congratulations to Midlothian’s teams skipped by Province President Sean Murphy and 2012 Canadian Tour man Ian Keron. Commiserations to John Dykes and Robert Robertson of Peeblesshire who got so nearly there. Getting so close might have given Peeblesshire the extra focus to give us all an even keener fight next year. A special mention for Tom Middlemass and his team for scoring in eight of the twelve ends.
A few players who had special things to do early in the evening and weren’t able to stay for the high tea missed out on good food and company and a very sociable time. Bonspiels can and should be a special blend of curlers who’ve been round the circuit before and others who, by enjoying the occasion, make now friends and strengthen their commitment to curling. We were. We did!

John Good

Season 2014/2015

The season has already got underway with some notable successes for the Province members and clubs.
Robin Aitken has secured the Seniors mixed doubles title and Haddington have regained the Balyarrow Trophy.
The Draws for this seasons competitions have been completed and can be found  on the COMPETITIONS & DRAWS page.
The Borders Challenge is being held at Murrayfield this year on Wednesday 12-11-14 at 3pm
We will be playing Dundee in the Waldie Griffiths at Dundee on 24-2-15 at 3.50pm

Pairs and Knock-out 2013 – 14

ACC Points 2013It was a busy week at Murrayfield which saw both the second and final rounds of the Pairs on Sunday followed by the Semi-Final and Final of the Knock-out the following Saturday.
Morgan Nicoll and Dale Callander of Aberlady ensured that Athelstaneford would not be taking a second successive clean sweep of East Lothian’s silverware by beating them 4 – 2 in the Pairs Semi-Final.   Aberlady then went on to beat Dirleton 3 – 2 in the Final to enable Morgan to hold the trophy (donated by his family) aloft for the first time.
Congratulations also to Chris Tabraham and Ian Donald of Doo’cot who beat Yester 4 – 1 to win the Low Road.  This is the first win of any Province Trophy for Doo’cot who were only beaten by the High Road Winners, Aberlady this year.

The final of the Knock-out was a tight affair with Athelstaneford eventually getting the better of  Dirleton.   The score was 5 – 5 at the bell. Callum Harvey drew the four foot first, then Robin Aitken drew to take the game.
This marks a hat-trick for Athelstaneford having won the trophy for the last three years (previously under the captaincy of J Shedden).  This is the second time that they have achieved this feat which they last managed in 1998 – 2000.  It is also interesting to note that these are the only six times that they have won the trophy.  Haddington are the only other club to have achieved the hat-trick when they went on to win four times in a row from 2001 – 2004.
Good luck to Athelstaneford at the Province Championship next November.
The results for both competitions can be found here

Christmas 2013

Neon Curling


Chanty Challenge

Following the ‘Black Bull’ win, East Lothian’s trophy cabinet (Alex’s sideboard) is now enhanced with the Borders Chanty.
Following a lovely December drive down to Kelso, Alex, Robin and Mike managed to record three good wins.  Graeme took it upon himself not to embarrass the hosts by gifting them the game but not the match.  The day was concluded with some personal reminiscences, drink and a fine meal.  We were also reminded that the proper name for the trophy and competition was the ‘Chanty Challenge’ and that the ‘p’ word should not be used.
Thanks to everyone involved.

Border Challenge Teams

Our annual ‘friendly’ challenge for the Potty will be held on Wednesday 11th December at Kelso Ice Rink.  The games wiss start promptly at 2.30pm and will be followed by supper, story telling and general carousing.
The East Lothian Rinks are:-
Alex King                    Robin Aitken
Walter Scott               Tom Middlemass
John Black                  Darren Kilfara
John Trotter                 Martin Melvin
Graeme Maguire        Mike Wood
Simon Kesley            John Good
Bruce Todd                Dale Callendar
Ian Tulloch                 Ann Other
Good luck to all our teams and particularly to Ann who seems to be our only lady representative this year.

The ‘Black Bull’ Comes Home

East Lothian’s team at the Area 5 Bonspiel at Murrayfield on Friday 6 December 2013, brought home the ‘Bull’.  Quite appropriate this year when our President is heavily involved in Pedigree Cattle!  Our experienced teams again led the way and provided our Province with a good win of which we can be justifiably proud.
This Bonspiel brings together Midlothian, Peeblesshire and East Lothian under the Area 5 banner. Each Province fields two teams, as does the Royal Club which this year included Willie Nichol, Chairman of the Board of the RCCC and David Henderson, Vice President.
East Lothian’s skips were Morgan Nicoll and Robin Aitken, with Alex King, Andy Aberdein, Colin Baird, David Affleck, Tom Middlemass and Callum Harvey. Ian Tulloch, our Vice President was in attendance.
East Lothian showed their class by coming out 10 shots up. with the next highest being the Royal Club with 3, Peebles with 2 and Midlothian a bit further back.
The programme for this Bonspiel combines good curling and social time. Club players, recent Tour players, former Internationalists and senior Office Bearers alike played and made the most of the opportunity, and East Lothian is to be congratulated in having proved again that it has plenty of curling talent.
Half Callum, Alex, Tom, Morgan and Robin
Half Callum, Alex, Tom, Morgan and Robin



EL Competition Draws 2013/14

Posted on Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 3:15pm

The Draw has now been completed for all East Lothian Province competitions.  The draws and other details can be found on the Comps & Draws page.  Good luck to all our teams.


Waldie Griffiths 2013/14

Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 1:28pm

Waldie Griffiths
Sunday 3rd November @ 1.45
at Murrayfield
The format for Sunday is a four rink match. Please be in sharp, so that we are on the ice for 1.45pm and to allow time to meet up with you skip before.
A two course supper is booked for 4.00pm, costing £12.50, to which it is hoped as many as possible will stay and have.  We know that some of you are straight back on the ice.
Dunbartonshire are all staying.
The rinks are:
1                                                              2
Robin Aitken                                     Morgan Nicoll
Douglas Scott                                    Gael Pollitt
Ian Donald                                         Alex King
Yvonne Aitken                                Cathy MacLean
3                                                          4
Johnnie Shedden                          Callum Harvey
Willie Kerr                                       Graeme Maguire
John Good                                       Robert Waddell
Hugh Broad                                     Kate Cadzow
Good luck,

AGM – and other – UPDATE June 2013

Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 12:27pm

Congratulations (or commiserations)  to Roy Black as our new Province Secretary.  You have big boots to fill, following the good work done over the last two years by John Good.
Welcome also to all our club representatives/contacts who can be found Here
We also have ice booked for our Province Competitions and although the draw has not yet been made, dates and times can be found on the Competitions Tab
On the History front, we have added a couple of pictures to David Affleck’s  on the first part of his report on East Linton’s History.  This can be found on the History Tab.
We also congratulate David on his excellent report on ‘Hands Across the Sea’ which has been published in Spring 2013 edition of East Lothian Life

East Linton Club History – Update

Posted on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 9:27am

There is an update on East Linton’s history on the ‘History’ tab.

EL Province KO – Final Results

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 5:46pm

Athelstaneford came out winners of the Province Knock Out on Sunday 10 March 2013, and will field a team in the National Province Championships 2013-14. They got to the final by beating Haddington, then Dirleton.
Opponents Aberlady had beaten Yester, followed by Doo’cot, but they couldn’t repeat that run of wins in the final, conceding five shots to Athelstaneford while taking only two.
Athelstaneford took one from the first end, which was followed by a blanked end thanks to Aberlady Skip, Morgan Nicoll, hitting the only blue and rolling out.
In the third end, Morgan made use of the hammer by drawing to beat the three opposition stones.
Some of the first stones of the fourth end were short. Athelstaneford held the end despite a mixture of delicate and heavy stones from both teams. Eventually, John Shedden drew a stone to the button to take a two for Athelstaneford.
The fifth end saw short early stones until Athelstaneford got one past guard to lie hidden on the blue circle. Try as they might, Aberlady couldn’t negotiate round or through, and Athelstaneford took a one.
Morgan again drew close to the button in the sixth end to get a single.
In the seventh and final end, Aberlady looked good until Athelstaneford’s Sean Govan’s second stone hit and lay. Athelstaneford then stayed ahead with one stone until Morgan once again made his two stones count but was beaten by Athelstaneford’s last to give them the end by one.
There was a bigger than usual audience for this game, which was good to see, and both teams were well received as they came off the ice.
Final Score: Athelstaneford 5; Aberlady 2
Athelstaneford: John Shedden; Robin Aitken; Sean Govan; Alec Kerr
Aberlady: Morgan Nicoll; Graeme Maguire; Sandy Nicoll; Lorna Nicoll


EL Province KO Final (new date)

Posted on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 2:32pm

A new date has been set for the final of the Province Knock Out. It will now be contested on Sunday 10 March 2013 at 3.45 pm between Aberlady and Athelstanford.
This should be a good game to watch or to play in as Aberlady’s only win was in 2006 while Athelstaneford are current holders of the RBS trophy and have five wins to their credit.

Waldie-Griffith 2012 / 2013

Posted on Friday, February 8, 2013 at 11:49am

Waldie-Griffith Inter-Province Competition
West of Fife at home to East Lothian
President Alex King led the East Lothian four-team contingent to Kirkcaldy on Thursday 7 February 2013. The fact that the ice was the same for all players meant that the West of Fife players who use Kirkcaldy had a short-term advantage over the East Lothian players for whom the surface, for stone and foot, took a bit of getting used to.
The teams skipped by Alex King and Gael Pollitt got their control soon enough for them each to take the first end by one. Graeme Maguire and Mike Wood were both down going into the second end, and while Gael  cancelled the deficit in the second, Mike finished the second five down after which he got a grip – which ever way you wish to take that – taking two fours, a three and a single to finish 12 to West of Fife’s 9.
Gael took six of the eight ends against Beverley Brown’s two in which she took a six and a four, leaving them peels on ten.
Alex King took three ends, including a four, that saw them finish 6 – 6 against Jim Brydie.
Graeme Maguire took the second, third, fourth, sixth and eighth ends to three by the Dunfermline Ladies rink, and came out with eight shots to their four – although much of the time the situation was much closer than that margin might suggest.
Having peeled two games and won two, East Lothian were 7 shots up overall. The conditions for the Waldie-Griffith competition require that the net shots up are divided by the number of teams playing, hence East Lothian stands with a ‘score’ of 1.75
The East Lothian teams were:
Alex King, Skip, with Yvonne Aitken, Shelagh Main, Colin Lowrie            Peels on 6 – 6
Graeme Maguire, Skip, with John Good, John Black, Alistair Bowen        Plus 4, with 8 – 4
Mike Wood, Skip, with Alec Kerr, Bob Bowie, Cathy Maclean                 Plus 3, with 12 – 9
Gale Pollitt, Skip, with Dan Arrandale, Robert Waddell, Stan Howard        Peels on 10 10

East Lothian Courier

Posted on Friday, February 8, 2013 at 11:24am


Four Nations at Ayr 2013

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 3:05pm

The Four Nations was contested at Ayr Ice Rink over 19 and 20 January with teams from Scotland (hosts), Ireland, Wales and England competing.
For the East Lothian players, Robin and Yvonne Aitken and John Good, this was their first time in this competition. Robin and Yvonne, playing in Mixed competition, faced Wales and Ireland and lost narrowly to each in the last ends.
John Good played two games with Alan Durno as Skip, and they won both.
That means that Graeme Maguire still has bragging rights as he has played in two Four Nations events and has medals to prove it.


East Lothian’s Fab Four

Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 9:47am

copyright - Sheena Munro
Scotland’s curlers, including East Lothian’s John Shedden, Morgan Nicoll, Dave Munro and Graeme Maguire have reclaimed the Strathcona Cup from Canada with a total score of 2876 shots to 2620.  This magnificent achievement played out over 427 games moves Scotland to 10 wins overall, one away from equalling Canada’s 11 since the competition began over 100 years ago when a team of Scots, led by Rev John Kerr of Dirleton, went over the Atlantic.
Sixty curlers left Scotland on 9th January this year to compete in three tours of Canada, East, West and Central, each comprising of 20 curlers playing in 5 teams , and they claimed their Cup victory on the final day of play on 31st January.
The Strathcona Cup is one of the oldest international curling competitions in the world. The very essence of it is to ensure that curlers from Scotland and Canada have the opportunity to meet every five years on one side of the Atlantic or the other to further the friendship between curlers of the two countries and to uphold the traditions of ‘the roarin’ game’.
John Shedden is a member of the Athelstaneford and Yester Curling Clubs. He farms at East Garleton and had already proved himself in international curling on the RCCC Swiss Tour in 2009. He started curling 35 years ago, and went on to Scottish University Championships, and then to compete in the Swedish Cup and the Oslo Cup. He can often be identified on the ice by loud calls to his team-mates to sweep “Harder, harder.”!
Morgan Nicoll plays for the Haddington and Aberlady Clubs. He is an arable farmer, and a second-generation Strathcona Cup Tourist. His father Sandy went to Canada on the 1983 Tour, and was top Skip for a large part of the time until the Canadians figured they could gain an advantage over the Scots by adding ever more generous hospitality to the stresses of travelling long distances every day. This tour, Morgan played in the four-man team that set a new record for the competition of being beaten only five times in 31 games.
Dave Munro plays for the Haddington Club and also Currie and Balerno. He is a grain merchant, and is well known  across south-east Scotland. This was his first official overseas curling tour, but he has a number of titles to his credit including a recent holder of the Elcho Trophy as Skip of the winning Haddington rink in the East Lothian Bonspiel. One of Dave’s strengths is that he is capable of playing in any position in a team, and is a great team-builder wherever he plays.
Self-employed Architect Graeme Maguire curls for several Clubs, principally Haddington and Aberlady. He was an international skier and grass skier, and competed in World and Europa Cup Championship events. Although a relative-newcomer to curling, Graeme has represented Scotland in the annual Four Nations Championship, and his appearance on the ice at Murrayfield in highly distinctive gear reflects his ‘can do – will do’ take on life.
There are more competitive curlers in Canada than in the rest of the world put together, and curling is a prime-time television sport. There was a chorus of appreciation from all four at the reception the Scots had encountered at every turn: a vehicle cavalcade into one city, elaborate banners showing a group of kilted warriors under the warning The Scottish are Coming, countless civic receptions each with their own identity and enthusiasm.  One of the tour coach drivers, a Canadian, had been such a good friend to the Tourists that he was made an honorary Scot, and that’s how Jacques Gregoire became Jock MacGregor!
Alex King, President of East Lothian Province of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, said: “This is the first time the Strathcona Cup Tour has included all ten Provinces in Canada. So the Scots Team covered the length and breadth of Canada from Halifax, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to Vancouver in the space of three weeks, travelled thousands of miles, played 31 games each, and made many new curling friends. We’re immensely proud of the whole Scottish Team, especially the East Lothian four – John, Morgan, Dave and Graeme for bringing the Strathcona Cup back to Scotland.”
Anyone who would like to go on the ice with a curling stone and brush for the first time should aim for the Come Try Curling session at Murrayfield Curling Rink on Saturday 23 February. For more information go to www.murrayfieldcurling.co.uk

Province Bonspiel 2012-2013

Posted on Monday, February 4, 2013 at 12:47pm

The latest name added to the Roll of Honour, which goes back to 1859, is that of Athelstaneford who won this important annual event with a team skipped by Robin Aitken.
Robin was well supported by Shaun Govan, Yvonne Aitken and Roy Black, and took the title by dint of wins over Markle and Dirleton, and a total shots up score of 14. Province President Alex King presented them with the truly remarkable set of silverware of which the Elcho trophy is centrepiece, together with bottles of whisky generously provided by W N Lindsay Ltd.
Runners-up were the Haddington team skipped by Andrew McDiarmid with Willie Kerr, Colin Baird and John Good. They were 4 shots up over an East Linton team in the first round and 8 shots up in the second against a Yester team.
Results in alphabetical order of Club showing shots up/down in first round, second round and net score:
Aberlady:                   +1 – 4 = – 3
Athelstaneford 1:        +3 +4 = +7
Athelstaneford 2:        +9 +5 = +14    Winners
Dirleton:                     +8 – 5 = +3
Doocot:                      – 4  – 2  =  – 6
East Linton 1:            – 3  -10  = – 13
East Linton 2:            – 4  +2  = – 2
Haddington 1:            – 1  +10  = +9
Haddington 2:            +4  +8  =  +12    Runners-up
Markle:                      – 9  – 7  =  – 16
Yester 1:                   +4  – 8  = – 4
Yester 2:                   – 8  +7  =  – 1

Support from the Provost

Posted on Monday, February 4, 2013 at 12:10pm

Message from East Lothian Provost, Ludovic Broun-Lindsay
“On behalf of the Council and County of East Lothian I would like to offer my good wishes for a exciting and challenging Bonspiel. In 2009 East Lothian had the pleasure of welcoming Canadian curlers across in Scotland for the Strathcona cup. We held our welcome reception at a local whisky distillery which proved to be extremely popular!
Sport enables countries and individuals to not only compete but also to create and build lasting friendships. For more than 100 years curlers from Scotland and Canada have competed and enjoyed friendly rivalry. They have also had the pleasure of visiting foreign towns and cities and experiencing warm welcomes from their hosts. I hope that this sporting tradition continues for a further 100 years  or more.”

Pairs Competition 2013

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 3:55am

Finals of Province Pairs Competition
Athelstaneford are this season’s winners of the Nicoll Trophy by beating East Linton in the High Road final on Sunday 13 January 2013. Frank Ross and Bob Bowie won three of the four ends in today’s final, taking five shots to the two scored by East Linton’s Shaun Govan and Dan Arrandale. Athelstaneford’s route to the final was by wins over Aberlady and Markle, when Frank was prtnered by Graham Prentice.
Aberlady were initially knocked back in the competition by the eventual winners, Athelstaneford, but wins over Dirleton and finally the Haddington Pair of James Logan and James Pate – last year’s winners – earned Mike Wood and Ross Balfour top place in the Low Road today.
Full Results
Aberlady lost to Athelstaneford, then beat Dirleton and Haddington
Athelstaneford beat Aberlady, Markle and East Linton
Dirleton lost to Markle and to Aberlady
Doocot lost to East Linton and to Haddington
East Linton beat Doocot and Yester but lost to to Athelstaneford
Haddington lost by a draw shot to Yester, then beat Doocot but lost to Aberlady
Markle beat Dirleton but lost to Athelstaneford
Yester beat Haddington by  draw shot, but lost to East Linton

Knock Out – Semi Final 2

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 3:52am

East Lothian Province Knock Out Competition – Semi Final 2
The Athelstaneford rink skipped by Robin Aitken, with Shaun Govan, Frank Ross and Alec Kerr scored 10 shots to Dirleton’s 4. The Dirleton rink was Skipped by Callum Harvey with Roy Meikle, Graham Elder and Bob Simpson. The two teams were not far apart until the fifth end when Athelstaneford took a four to go six ahead.
The date of the final of the Province Knock Out between Aberlady and Athelstaneford, originally scheduled for 2 February, is under discussion with Murrayfield Curling Ltd as Athelstaneford cannot play on that date. An announcement will be made as soon as practicable.

Province Pairs 2012/13

Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 1:00pm

The first half of the first stage of this season’s Pairs was completed on 21 December 2012.
Markle beat Dirleton in Game A, and Athelstaneford beat Aberlady in Game B.
From that, Markle and Athelstaneford faced each other for a place in the High Road final with Athelstaneford taking that place.
Aberlady beat Dirleton for a place in the Low Road final.
Games C and D in our Pairs will be run on Sunday 13 January 2013 starting at 9.30 am and we’ll see more intense play as East Linton take on Doocot and Yester play last year’s winners Haddington.
The Final of the Pairs will also be on Sunday 13 January 2013, starting at 11.30 am with the final of the Low Road, followed 50 minutes later by the final of the High Road.
Tom M

Province Competition roundup

Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 12:58pm

Firstly Happy New Year everyone
The results of the first round of our Province Knock Out games were:
Aberlady beat Yester by six points to three.
Doocot beat East Linton by thirteen points to six.
Athelstaneford beat Haddington by seven points to five.
Dirleton beat Markle by ten points to four.
Semi-final A: Aberlady plays Doocot
Semi-final B: Athelstaneford plays Dirleton
 The Final will be held on Saturday 2 February 2013 at 8 pm.
John Good

E. L. Knock-out First Round

Posted on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 10:55am

The first round of our knockout competition resulted in some pre-christmas cheer, competitive games and some surprise results.
The most fiercely fought game was between Haddington and Athelstaneford where Robin Aitkens team edged ahead to take the victory on the final end.  Aberlady also eased through against Yester and Dirleton showed Markle very little Christmas charity.  The surprise of the night was the game between East Linton and Doo’cot.  It is seldom that a competition game sees an end of six but East Linton managed that in their sixth end.  Unfortunately, that was the only end that they won and Doo’cot took a big scalp ending up the winners.
The semi-finals take place on the 11th and 13th of January.  The draw has been updated here and the full results were:-
Aberlady  6  :  Yester   3
East Linton  6  :  Doo’cot  13
Dirleton  10  :  Markle  4
Haddington  5  :  Athelstaneford  7

East Lothian at the Four Nations

Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 12:18pm

Scotland are hosts for the Four Nations Tournament to be played at Ayr Ice Rink on 19 and 20 January 2013.  The tournament comprises of a series of individual competitions and last year Scotland’s men and women both beat the auld enemy, England while the Scottish Team beat Ireland but lost to Wales.  So there is still some work to be done.
Robin and Yvonne Aitken are together in a mixed rink,  Robin skipping.  Their first game is at 3 pm on Saturday 19th and is against one of the two Wales teams, and on the Sunday they play Ireland at 9 am.
John Good will play second in RCCC Vice President Alan Durno’s rink. He’ll meet two England teams, the first at 12 noon on the Saturday and the second on the Sunday morning at 9 o’clock.
We wish all our Scotland curlers well, and hope one or more of the trophies will be on display at an East Lothian Province event before the end of this season.
For a schedule and full list of players, go to the Competitions page of the Royal Club website .
The Four Nations Silverware

East Lothian keeps The Chanty

Posted on Friday, November 30, 2012 at 2:20pm

At Murrayfield on 28 November 2012,  sixteen East Lothian curlers aimed for the Chanty and got it despite the best efforts of sixteen of the best Border Province curlers.
The Beverley Bowl – widely known as The Chanty – was presented by Alastair Lindsay in 2004.   Up to 2011, it had been won three times by Border and five times by East Lothian.
The teams and match results were:
Alex King – Skip
Glynnice Lauder – Skip
Bob Makin; Jean Waddell; Colin Baird
Mike Frost; Elspeth Bell; Wendy Frost
Scored 6 shots: won 4 ends
Scored 8 shots = 2 shots up: won 4 ends

Robin Aitken – Skip
Andrew Reed – Skip
Gale Pollitt; David Affleck; Alec Kerr
Judith Dixon; Andrew Dixon; Jo Scott
Scored 5 shots: won 4 ends (1 was peeled)
Scored 8 shots = 3 shots up: won 3 ends

Johnny Shedden – Skip
Maggie Wright – Skip
Mike Wood; Tom Middlemass; Stan Howard
Brenda Robertson; Robert Laidlaw; Bob Robertson
Scored 8 shots = 4 shots up: won 5 ends
Scored 4 shots: won 3 ends

Morgan Nicoll – Skip
Helen Mathieson – Skip
John Good; Robert Waddell; Ian Tulloch
Bob Mathieson; Colin Macnab; Sheila Macnab
Scored 8 shots = 3 shots up: won 4 ends
Scored 5 shots: won 4 ends
Eight ends were played in all four games.
East Lothian’s shots up totalled seven to Border’s five, so by a very narrow margin the Chanty remains with East Lothian for another year.
The social part of the day was set going by East Lothian President Alex King, with contributions from around the room to end another thoroughly friendly annual encounter.
If all goes to plan, we’ll meet again at Kelso next year for a re-run.

John R Good

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