Upcoming Events

  • Sun 22-11-20 @ 3pm Knockout - round 1a
  • Fri 4-12-20 @ ??? Edin Area Bonspiel tbc
  • Sat 5-12-20 @ 12.45 Province Pairs
  • Sat 12-12-20 @ 12.45 Knockout - round 1b
  • Fri 5-1-21 @ 11.45 Province Bonspiel
  • Sun 10-1-21 @ 2.30 Knockout - Semi-Finals
  • Sun 10-1-21 @ 4.45 Knockout - Final
  • Website last updated 9-10-20


In keeping with SportScotland Guidelines, each member club should appoint a Covid Officer. This officer will be required to do the following:-

  1. Be the first point, in the event of an outbreak
  2. Ensure that the Club has a completed Risk Assessment
  3. Record (and keep for min 3 weeks) after each game, actual players on ice, sheet nos, dates, times etc.

Please note that in the event of an outbreak the Covid Officer will be the first point of contact by the authorities particularly in respect of Track & Trace.

Score Cards should be fully completed with FULL names (Christian & Surname), Date, Time, Sheet number and passed to the Covid Officer immediately - either in person or electronically (photograph and email/WhatsApp).

Below is :-

This must be read by ALL members prior to attending any curling session.  This will be updated as guidelines from Scot Gov, SportScotland, Scottish Curling, Murrayfield Curling are issued. (Updates will be indicated)


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